Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing, Installation & Maintenance

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Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing, Installation and Maintenance

Thermostatic mixer valves are frequently used in a number of different appliances across a wide range of different sectors including the catering industry and aged care facilities as well as many education establishments.

Thermostatic mixing valves play an important role in controlling hot water temperature which is essential in protecting against scalds as well as ensuring that possessions don’t get damaged by excessive heat. It is important that these valves are checked and maintained on an annual basis and records of these checks and possibly the subsequent repairs need be kept and made available if and when required.

A recent study revealed that in excess of 90% of scalding injuries occur at home. This is hardly surprising when you consider that children’s skin is more sensitive whilst the elderly and handicapped have slower reactions, and in some cases, less awareness of the potential dangers that are posed.

Needless to say, scalding injuries are extremely painful and they can often leave lasting scars, both physical and mental. There are a number of reason why scalding may occur. Thermostats maybe set to a dangerously high temperature or they may just be faulty meaning that there is little or no control of water temperatures.

The temperature for water heaters is generally above 55 degrees Celsius in order to kill harmful bacteria such as Legionella which may be present in the water supply. Unfortunately, water over the temperature of 41 degrees Celsius can be painful, especially on tender areas of skin with scalding on a child occurring within 4 seconds at 55 degrees Celsius. The role of the thermostatic mixing valve is to maintain the temperature at a safe level.