Backflow Prevention Services in Melbourne

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Expert Backflow Prevention Services

Unfortunately, backflow is a common problem for Melbourne homeowners and businesses. It is potentially a serious and dangerous problem that results from water flowing in the opposite direction to normal through pipes and plumbing systems. There are a number of reasons why this can cause a hazardous situation but one of the most common is when a water supply is connected to a source of pollution. The result is that heavy metals or other pollutants can enter your supply without your knowledge.

It is important to appreciate that backflow occurs when there is a difference in water pressure. Usually, this means that the pressure in your plumbing system is higher than that in the delivery main. This can be the result of bursts or ruptures to the main water supply.

At East and Hills Plumbing services in Melbourne our team has encountered these types of problems on numerous occasions so are therefore familiar with installing the appropriate backflow prevention devices. Once the work has been carried out, you will receive a certificate of compliance that will be issued by one of our licensed plumbers. It is essential that all backflow prevention devices are tested on an annual basis. This will ensure that they are operating efficiently and correctly meaning that your water supply will be free from any contamination.

The problems associated with a faulty or defective backflow device include:
  • Drinking water becoming contaminated as pollutants can enter the water supply
  • Leakage will lead to water being wasted
  • Issues regarding water pressure