Reasons Why You May End Up With An Outdoor Plumbing Problem

Outdoor plumbing problems are something that many homeowners don’t immediately think about. The term plumbing tends, for most people at least, to refer to the pipes running within the property. However, this isn’t accurate. Plumbing doesn’t just apply to the interior of the house. We all think about the drains that flow out of our sinks and appliances, or the pipes within the walls delivering hot water, or the water system to and from the toilet. But, there are other plumbing responsibilities in the exterior of the property. Those drains flow across our land, and under gardens, out into municipal services. The home is connected to a much wider network. This means that it pays to be on the lookout for potential issues outdoors.


1) Many homes are susceptible to slab leaks.

This is probably a completely new term to many homeowners. This is because these leaks occur so deep into the foundations of the property that we have no reason to contemplate them. Slab leaks get their name from the fact that they happen underneath the concrete slab of the home. This may not be as noticeable as a leak within the house, but the potential effects can become much more significant. Leaks here can lead to foundation problems. The water seeps into the concrete foundations, weakening them. This can then lead to shifts and damage within the home and, as you know, a house with no solid foundation is not solid at all. Therefore, this is something that is best fixed as soon as possible.

2) Tree roots can disrupt water pipes and supplies with ease.

Trees are more powerful than some people give them credit for. We see them growing slowly above ground and talk about their gentle presence, but we don’t see what is happening underground. Their roots can stretch out through the ground and little has any chance of standing in their way. We see it quite enough with cracks and bumps in pavements. We don’t see the same sort of impact on water pipes. The tree may shift the pipe, crack it or even break through entirely. This leads to all sorts of problems with the water supply. The tree can take up a lot of water for itself as a survival mechanism, which may limit the flow into the house. Dirt from the tree can also contaminate any water that does get through. In fact, a change in water quality is a good sign that something may be wrong.

3) Blocked sewer pipes.

Blockages in the sewer pipes are a horrible experience for all concerned. Nobody wants to have to deal with them. There is the natural assumption that once you have flushed all your waste water away, that you never have to deal with it again. We can let sewage treatment plants handle everything and enjoy a steady flow of water in the right direction. This might not be the case if there is a problem further down the line. Issues and blockages can send waste water back in the wrong direction. The telltale signs can come from noises in the pipes, a bad smell and backed up drain. When left too long, this can mean waste and contaminated water in all the wrong places. So, it really is important to call in an expert to handle the problem before that happens.

4) Digging into pipes.

It's amazing what you can dig up in a garden when you start landscaping and planting large shrubs. There could be old toys or lost items that the dog buried, old artifacts from previous homeowners, or a water line you didn’t realise was quite so close to the surface. Accidents happen, and spades can cut small lines to sprinklers and irrigation systems. Main water pipes aren’t really a problem as they should have a little more protection. Most of these big pipes have magnetic strips in place and are too tough for the average gardener. Still, there are small pipes without such beneficial measures. If you accidentally cut one, you will need to arrange for a replacement.

How plumbers can help in these situations?

The issues mentioned above highlight the need for a professional in these situations. There is no way that you can handle these problems on your own – not without risking some serious repercussions along the way. A professional plumber can provide support and solutions for those foundation issues and slab leaks. They will be able to help you replace pipes when dealing with tree roots and also surveying additional pipes outside. They also offer the right equipment for sewer pipe issues and for replacing and realigning water lines in the garden.

If you believe that your outdoor plumbing needs a little maintenance, or you have experienced an outdoor plumbing emergency, let us help. Call East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 to arrange a call-out to your property. We will help you dig down to the root of the problem and secure your plumbing.