Important Plumbing Maintenance Tips For The Average Home owner

Many home owners will admit that they rarely give the plumbing in their homes much thought. If it goes wrong, a plumber will fix it. Until then, they can just sit back and let it work its magic behind the walls. However, the plumbing rarely transforms from a clear, fully-functioning system to an emergency problem overnight. Issues build up, unseen, because we don’t take enough time to care for the pipes or drains. There are some important steps that we can all take to keep the home running smoothly and avoid too many catastrophes.


Know what to look out for when checking the health of your plumbing

This is important because some home owners don’t know where to start. There are some tell-tale signs that the plumbing could use some TLC. Yet, many people ignore them, possibly because they don’t recognise the risks. First of all, it helps to know where all the pipes, connections and drains are for the sinks and appliances in the home. This means that when something blocks, you can locate the issue more easily. There are two clear signs to watch out for with clogged drains – a change in water pressure and a slow-draining sink. This is when it is time to act. Both situations are a nuisance and could get worse if the drain isn’t cleared.

Don’t ignore the sewer system – however unpleasant it may be

This is a part of the home that we really don’t want anything to do with. Once we flush the toilet, we expect all waste to disappear completely. Unfortunately, there is a sewer system connected to the home that can cause problems. Blockages can lead to odours and leaks on the property. The best course of action here is to prevent blockages from occurring. Don’t flush anything other than bodily waste and toilet paper. Still, problems can arise and you need to know how to spot potential problems before they get worse. If there is an issue with the sewer system, you need to call on a professional.

Routine maintenance of these areas can help to minimise the risks

Small consistent efforts go a long way. If the drainage on the sink begins to slow, clear the drain before it gets worse. If there is an odd noise in the pipes, check it out before it turns into a real problem. Some small-scale efforts are possible by yourself. But, it always helps to call in a professional. You can schedule regular maintenance checks with your local plumber to make sure everything is in order. These annual reviews offer a better look at the health of the pipes and drains. They can also flag up issues with water heaters and other elements you might miss. Regular reviews increase the chances of spotting small issues before they become major problems.

Always call upon professional services for the best results

There are small preventative measures and maintenance tricks that you can perform yourself. However, when problems do arise, you really need to stand back and let the professionals handle the situation. This is the best way to make sure that the problem is fixed without any further damage. A plumber can also inspect the system more thoroughly to spot other problems. They will clean up the mess, fix the plumbing and get everything back in working order. Contact East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 to find out more about annual maintenance reviews and other services.