Hidden Indoor Plumbing Problems That You May Not Be Aware Of

Many plumbers will refer to “hidden” plumbing problems. There are lots of potential plumbing issues that may go by unnoticed within the home – in others words hidden from view. We often think about plumbing emergencies when we find burst pipes, major leaks or faulty appliances. Our plumbing is either working or broken and we don’t always see the issues in between. Even so, there are some problems that can occur within the home that we need to be aware of. These issues may be hidden for now, but they can quickly become visible and turn into much bigger problems.


1) Gas leaks are surprisingly well hidden in some homes

Gas leaks are a big emergency because of the dangers they bring. The gas can have major implications for our health and just breathing in the gas can make us feel ill. This can start with a little nausea but may progress to something worse. Then there is the increased fire risk of a gas leak. The telltale sign here is a smell that is a little like rotten eggs. This is unpleasant enough without all those extra implications. If you smell this, and suspect it is the gas, shut off the supply, open up the windows to air out the home and call a plumber.

2) Hidden leaks within the pipes

We can’t see the plumbing system within our walls, so we have no idea what state it is in. We don’t know whether everything is running smoothly, or if there are small leaks and faults. If there is a small leak, you may not be aware of it for a long time. The signs can build up gradually over time, as the humidity levels grow and water slowly seeps into walls and floors. One of the potential problems here leads us to our next point.

3) Mould and mildew can go unnoticed until it becomes a bigger issue

Leaks and hidden pipe problems, when left untreated, can lead to mould and mildew issues. The damp environments behind the walls mean that mould can grow out of control, spreading across the interior cavities. This can lead to damp spots on the walls, a musty smell or increased levels of humidity. Any homeowner that spots an increase in these symptoms should call for help from a plumber.

4) Blocked drains lie hidden from view

There are lots of reasons for a blocked drain. Sometimes it is our own fault. We pour the wrong things down there in haste, or laziness, or don’t take the time to clean them out regularly enough. Other times the system just isn’t suitable for the volume of water or the needs of the household. Clogs and blockages can build up in the drains and eventually cause some bigger issues. The same is true for our toilets, only here the problem can be a lot more unpleasant if it gets out of hand.

5) Hot water problems

Hot water systems are another “out of sight, out of mind” situation. As long as we get hot water on a regular basis, from all the right outlets, we are happy. We therefore don’t take too much time to consider the fact that something could go wrong. Suddenly we come to a point where there is no hot water at all. Something has gone wrong somewhere, hidden within the plumbing. There are actually quite a few things that could go wrong with the hot water system. These systems can develop leaks, just like any other part of the plumbing. There are also risks of faults with the thermostat and blockages from sediment. Also, many parts simply become old and not fit for purpose.

When should you consider calling out a plumber?

The problem with these hidden problems is just that – they remain hidden for a long time. You will most likely not be aware of any of these issue until they start causing damage and problems elsewhere. That is why it is important to contact a professional plumber when you see any of the warning signs mentioned here. A plumber can come and take a look at some of those tell-tale signs in your home and determine the cause. From there, you are closer to a solution that may help to protect your home before it is too late.

If you have any concerns about the state of your plumbing, whether hot water issues, dampness or other symptoms, contact our team. Call East and Hills Plumbing at 0414 654 568 today to learn more about our services. We will help you understand the problem and ensure that those hidden problems aren’t hidden away for much longer.