Finding The Best 24 Hour Emergency Plumber

Plumbing emergencies can hit us like a bolt from the blue. We can spend so long not really paying much attention to the plumbing that it is a shock when something goes wrong. That ever-reliable system of pipes and drains and water supplies suddenly isn’t all that reliable any more. It is nearly impossible to plan for one of these emergencies. Even those that take good care of their pipes and carry out regular maintenance sometimes find that problems arise out of nowhere. Pipes burst, drains back up and fixtures go wrong.


The immediate reaction here is to turn to a 24 hour plumber to come and look over the problem and provide a solution. There are plenty of services in the average directory with claims about some sort of round the clock care. At this point, many home owners will simply be pleased to get what they can. Some will see the first name in the local area, call them up and book them to come round as soon as possible. 24/7 availability in your location is essential if you have a major incident in a suburb. But, it does pay to take a little more time to find the best option. The first name in the listing isn’t necessary a good choice – they just lucked out with their placement in the alphabet or good SEO on their online listing. Instead run through the following check list for a better chance at finding the perfect emergency plumber.

Do a little digging before you contact the service

There are lots of great websites and ads that talk about an amazing, comprehensive service with a smile – regardless of the time of day. But, ads will say anything to make a sale. This is where it helps to run a quick online check and see what other users have to say. There are some great message boards and neutral review sites out there that provide a collection of reviews about local business. If the feedback is mostly positive, with praise about the expertise and friendly natures of the plumber, you can go ahead and place a call. If there are lots of comments about the plumbers being slow to respond, inefficient and/or rude, it might be best to move onto another choice.

First impressions of the team or plumber on the other end of the phone

You might not think that you should expect too much in the way of customer service from an emergency plumber at 2am. However, a professional 24 hour service should offer the same manners and polite conversation to everyone that phones. The whole point of the service is that the time of day is irrelevant because they will help anyone at any time. If you get through to someone that sounds as though they would rather be anywhere else than dealing with a job, this could be a problem. They might not give the same level of time and care to the job. This rushed response could then cause them to miss problems or make the situation worse. Also, make sure that it is actually a human being answering the call, not an answering machine. If it is the latter, you might not get a response until morning.

Ask them about their prices

You can’t put too much emphasis on cost because you may have to pay a little extra for such a late night call. It is also better to pay a higher price now and get the problem fixed, rather than wait and risk further issues and damage. Still, it is important that any 24 hour emergency plumbing service is upfront about their rates. Transparency is essential here so there are no nasty shocks. The initial price may change after the job is completed, depending on complications, time and parts. But, this shouldn’t be as big a problem if they are clear on their scale.

Ask the right questions about their experience

Finally, you want a plumber that knows precisely what they are doing in an emergency situation. don’t be afraid to ask them about their experience and qualifications. They should be forthcoming with this to show that they are ideally suited to the job. The same goes for any questions about their licences and insurance. Home owners that really want to be sure about the plumber they choose can also ask about drug testing and background checks. A reliable, professional service should be able to answer these concerns with ease and offer reassurance. Those that take offence and hang up the phone may have something to hide.

It may seem a little long-winded, perhaps even comical, to start asking all this detailed questions as water gushes into the home. But, it really does pay to take the time to find the right option. You want to make sure you have a reliable serviceman and efficient repair, just as you would with any other trade. Research the companies, ask the right questions and be clear on price. If they seem happy to help with all the right reviews and answers, you should get the service you deserve. Contact East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 to learn more about our options.