Don’t Attempt Any Gas Repairs Without a Licensed, Experienced Gas Plumber

The water heater is one of the more problematic aspects of the household plumbing system. A malfunction here can have an impact on the water pressure and the supply of hot water across the home. Over time, these heaters can deteriorate and experience damage. This is an even bigger concern in home with a gas supply. If your gas powered water system isn’t up to standard, you need a licensed gas plumber.


What is the difference between a licensed gas fitter and a licensed plumber?

There are lots of plumbers, but only a handful of them are licensed to work as gas fitters. Therefore, you can’t call upon the services of a plumber and expect them to be able to help you with your gas hot water system. Never accept the services of a plumber that can’t provide evidence of a valid license or clear ID with their credentials. Some may insist that they are certified as a way of getting more work.

Why is is so important to choose a licensed gas plumber?

Gas plumbers have the right experience, training and knowledge to handle the situation. They are trained to work with gas appliances and have passed all the relevant competency exams. This means they are able to handle a gas hot water system and understand the safety precautions. Those that aren’t licensed, but still practice services with these gas systems, could put property owners at risk. It really isn’t worth saving a little time and money on a questionable plumber when you could end up with further complications.

What services can a licensed gas fitter provide?

Be aware that some licensed gas fitters are able to install different types of system than others. This means that it is important to talk to a plumber and understand their level of expertise. Many top gas plumbers will be able to handle installation procedures for gas systems. This means gas appliances, bottles, regulators and valves. They can also perform maintenance on the system to check the pipes and metres and adjust the gas pressure. They are training to detect gas leaks and test the system to spot even the smallest problem. Remember that other plumbers don’t have these skills. Contact East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 to find out more about the services of licensed gas plumbers.