Important Signs That It Might Be Time To Update Your Plumbing

There are lots of times when we can look around the home and feel it is time for an upgrade. Perhaps the décor is a little tired, the appliances are getting temperamental or the furniture is creaking too much? It is easy to see elements in the interiors that need an upgrade, but we often forget about elements behind the walls and floors. A home’s plumbing system should be designed to be robust and effective. Still, no system lasts forever.


There are some signs that you can look out for within a home that can tell you whether it is time for an upgrade. These tips are helpful for all those looking to keep their current home in working order. However, they are also of use for those looking to buy an older property. Check the place out before you buy, bring in a plumber where needed and make sure everything is functional and safe before you sign on the dotted line.

1) Discolouration in the water

This is a great sign to start with because it is one of the most obvious. We all expect clean, clear odourless water from our taps. We pay good money for the best water supply for washing, drinking and cooking. So, it can be alarming when that water becomes cloudy, smelly or turns a weird colour. If the water company is not to blame, and there are no other problems in your area, you may want to consider whether the plumbing is the culprit. It is possible to get a better idea of the cause through the colour of the water. If it is brown, this could be an indication of rust. A green or blue colour could mean an issue with the copper or brass fittings. If it is black then this means that there is a mould problem. First of all, don’t drink the water or use it for other needs. Secondly, make sure to call on a plumber for an inspection.

2) The age of the pipes

Even if your water is clear and clean, there is still the chance that your pipes may not be in the best condition. It is easy to forget just how much work and strain the plumbing system goes through. Changes in temperature, water pressure, water acidity and more can have a big impact on the structural integrity of the pipes. They can wear down over time and will, eventually, need to be replaced. Those that buy older properties may find that the house has an old metal plumbing system that is past its prime. If you are buying a new home with a bit of age to it, have a professional plumber take a look at the system.

3) Water pressure issues

Water pressure is essential for an efficient water system it helps provide enough pressure through the pipes for a strong flow of water, a powerful shower and an effective washing cycle. But, this can decrease as sediment and other blockages restrict the flow of water through the pipes. Excessive water pressure may also be a problem, causing some of the damage mentioned above. A change in water pressure may be another sign that it is time to call in a plumber and look at getting an update to the system.

3) A lack of hot water

Our hot water systems require upgrades too. New tech and more efficient applications mean that many current systems are obsolete. Then there is the fact that many systems simply aren’t built to last. Many of us have an outdated system in place that while functional for the moment, may not have that long left. There are some ways to tell if your hot water system is reaching the end of its lifespan. First of all, are you having to wait a long time for any hot water to come out of the pipes? Are there weird noises coming from the system that make it sound as though it may be struggling? Are there any indications of rust and leaks?

Why you need a reliable plumber to help you with these plumbing issues

A professional plumbing company really is the best bet when faced with any of the issues above. They can come out and inspect the situation to see if the plumbing is due for an upgrade. These services can easily fix issues of discolouration. Even if you have an idea of the problem here, you need a skilled professional that can inspect the pipes. They can replace outdated metal plumbing causing these issues with modern PVC or Polyethylene solutions. These replacements then help to provide that much-needed upgrade and improve the longevity and reliability of the plumbing. At the same time, they can provide a reliable installation of new water systems for a more complete package.

If you are dealing with any of these issues, or suspect that your plumbing system is older than you may have been informed, turn to a reliable company for a replacement. Call East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 today to learn more about our upgrades and solutions. We can help you update the system, improve the efficiency of the water supply and bring clean, safe, hot water to your home once again.