5 Expensive Plumbing Myths To Watch Out For

There are a number of myths handed down between family and friends about the plumbing, just like any household story. We take these stories for granted because we trust the elders that have owned and maintained homes for far longer than the rest of us. They kept a roof over our heads until we moved out into the big wide world, so they must know something. It is even easier to trust in these stories when it comes to plumbing because we don’t see any immediate consequences. The following five myths may comes as a shock to some home owners. It is time to reconsider them and potentially save some money in the long run.


1) “Small leaks in the plumbing aren’t anything to worry about!”

Our parents may shrug off a small leak in the pipes as nothing to be concerned about. As far as they are concerned, the system still works, there is no obvious damage to the home and the appliances are still operational. Therefore, why kick up a fuss? The answer is quite simple. First of all, a small leak could become a bigger leak if it is a sign of damage in the pipes. Secondly, there is a financial implication here too. Every bit of waste water has a price tag on it. The more water you use, the higher the water bill. This is pretty annoying is that water went straight out the pipes and didn’t contribute to the running of the home. There is also the environmental impact too. Water shortages may not have been such a big deal to some older generations. We now live in a time of global droughts and low water supplies. Don’t ignore this waste of water when others don’t get enough of it.

2) “You don’t need all those fancy cleaners for plumbing fixtures. Just use soap and water!”

Soap and water has its uses around the home. And our parents are often right with many of the cleaning solutions they prescribe. But, there are some areas of the home that require something with a little more punch. Drain, taps, and toilets are definitely on that list. Soap can kill some germs and remove dirt and grease. But, it can’t kill all the bacteria in a tiler bowl and may corrode some fixtures. Even if you want to be eco-friendly and reduce your use of chemicals, a dedicated toiler cleaner is still a must-have item.

3) “Anything is flushable with today’s toilets!”


This is wrong for two important reasons. While it is technically true that the flush on a modern toilet is strong enough to force almost anything out of the bowl and into the pipes, that isn’t an invitation to test it out. With time, all flushed items will group together and clog up a sewer system. These clogs can be enormous and require a lot of man-hours and money to remove. Cities are collectively responsible for these “fatbergs” and attitudes to flushing items need to change. Then there is the risk from all the pieces that do pass through and head out into the ocean. Sanitary products, wet wipes and cotton buds float in the surf and litter beaches. We all need to adopt the “four Ps” principle of what we can flush – pee, poo, puke and paper. Anything else goes in the bin.

4) “Blocked drains always happen when you least expect them!”

Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A drain doesn’t block because you accidentally dropped something in there, or because it just felt like it. Blocked drains are the results of months of build up and careless practice. Layers of grease, food particles and dirt line the pipes and constrict the flow of water. Clogs of hair in shower drains don’t help either. Eventually, you will start to notice the problem when the water is slow to drain. The sink isn’t going to suddenly stop working out of nowhere.

5) “At least the plumbing is one maintenance free part of the home!”

There is the misconception that these strong plumbing systems take care of themselves and last forever. The ongoing flow of water isn’t going to keep the pipes clean and clear for all time. The dirt and debris in the ongoing water can cause problems – such as those clogs and blockages mentioned above. There is also the fact that the pipes can leaks and corrode with age. It is also worthwhile to take the time to inspect the plumbing now and then if there are trees on the property. A water pipe is no match for a persistent tree root.

In short, while our elders get a lot right about the home, they are often misguided about the plumbing. Problems can occur because they didn’t maintain the pipes, flushed the wrong items or used the wrong products. Thankfully, there are reliable plumbers that can fix their mistakes. Contact East and Hills Plumbing on 0414 654 568 for more information about these services.