Plumbing Services Melbourne

Plumbing Services Melbourne East and Hills Plumbing provide plumbing services throughout all of metroloitan Melbourne. Specialising in aged care maintenance, all domestic, residential and commercial plumbing & gas fitting. Anything from renovations to restaurants & cafes, schools, new homes, commerical kitchen fit outs, backflow testing and all maintenance in between.

Aged Care Maintenance

East and Hills Plumbing are a leading plumbing contractor to the Aged Care Industry in Melbourne. After years of supplying specialised plumbing maintenance to many aged care facilities in Melbourne, East and Hills Plumbing is now regarded as one of Melbourne's premier aged care facility plumbing service supplier.

Commercial Maintenance

East and Hills Plumbing service all types of commercial plumbing maintenance ranging from backflow prevention testing & installation, thermostatic mixing valve service & installation, drain camera inspections & asset location, clearing blocked sewer and stormwater drains, fire hydrant and fire hose reel installation, repairs and maintenance, water line renewals and commercial plumbing kitchen fit outs for the hospitality industry including restaurants and cafes.
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Residential Maintenance

East and Hills Plumbing services all types of domestic plumbing maintenance, from new homes, units and developments to kitchen, bathroom & laundry renovations. We offer general maintenance, hot & cold water system repairs, supply & installation. Stormwater, sewerage and drainage repairs, supply & installation. Roof gutters & downpipe cleaning, repairs, supply & installation. Water tanks including back to toilet re use.
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Back Flow Prevention

Backflow is the reversal of the normal direction of water flow in your pipes and plumbing system and is a problem we see frequently in Melbourne. It can be potentially hazardous if your water supply is accidentally interconnected with a source of pollution. Those pollutants could then enter your water supply without you ever knowing.
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Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installation & Maintenance

Thermostatic mixer valves are used in a wide variety of applications: restaurants, nursing homes, pre-schools, and commercial applications. Thermostatic Mixing Valves maintain and limit the mixed hot water to a desirable selectable temperature, helping to prevent scalding injury.
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Blocked Drains

Are you suffering from blocked drains in your Melbourne home? If the answer is ‘yes’ then it’s definitely time to call East and Hills Plumbing Services. We are experts at clearing blocked drains in Melbourne. Many individuals don’t see blocked drains as being a significant issue, however they can result in much bigger problems in the future so it’s best to act as soon as you notice any of the tell tale signs of blocked drains. With over 27 years of management experience in the industry you can trust that we know what we’re talking about. Ignoring a blocked drain problem can result in flooding that may lead to serious water damage of your personal possessions and possibly a serious health hazard such as mould infestations.
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24/7 Emergency Plumbing

We provide 24/7 Emergency Plumbing to all of metropolitan Melbourne. From Resevoir, Berwick, Glen Waverly and Hoppers Crossing all the way to St Albans, Frankston, Rowville, Sunbury and Pakenham. We provide our full range of services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need a hot water repair, or you have an over flowing toilet we can solve the problem with ease.
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